Jorji already had a clear idea of what she wanted to learn...

when she started working with her Light Up Learning mentor, Will. During the run-up to the Scottish independence referendum in 2014, when everyone talked passionately about politics, she saw for the first time how politics could powerfully affect people's lives. With typical directness, she set her sights on becoming a Member of the Scottish Parliament.

Although a bit skeptical about her LuL sessions at first − she thought "how is this going to help me in the slightest" − she came to view them as enjoyable and helpful. Jorji liked the one-to-one aspect of LuL compared to class where, she said, "I do get distracted... [and] just talk all the time to friends." The sessions' "relaxed" atmosphere, and that Will treated her as an "equal," were also positives. "I don't really treat him like a teacher," she said, "and he doesn't really treat me like a pupil."

In the seven months that Jorji worked with Will, they immersed themselves in all things political and economic. She impressed her family with her knowledge of the law of diminishing returns; rightly predicted the outcome of the US presidential election; investigated various political parties and philosophies; and, lastly, thought about how all of it related to her views.

It was a period of self-discovery for Jorji. At one point, Will suggested that the idea of individual effort was central to her political views, and Jorji said, "I hadn't really realised that's what I thought until you said that." As a naturally opinionated and inquisitive person, Jorji enjoyed discussing "something that I find interesting" each week, without having "to just stick to the one subject... because it's on the exam." She also liked that she could "argue against" anything Will said. After better than expected higher results, Jorji is now studying social sciences at Edinburgh college. Overall, Jorji thinks that Light Up Learning has "helped me so much and it's so good, that I think they should expand."