Will Ferguson and Richard McLauchlan...

were two knobbly-kneed primary school pupils back in 1993. Though they were just a year apart and knew each other from across the playground, they didn't actually exchange words until 2010, when they started their Masters degrees at Cambridge. As they both stayed on to do Ph.D's, Will and Richard had plenty of time to discuss their learning experiences.

Throughout his studies, Richard found that exploring what he loved made learning not just easier, but fun. Will's education had a profound and positive effect on his life, but he felt that the institutions he attended often had a frustratingly limited mix of people, and he wanted to broaden the scope of who could have access to the types of education that he had. 

These experiences, combined with Will's time volunteering with The Access Project in London and Richard's work with the Sutton Trust, compelled Richard and Will to start Light Up Learning -- a charity dedicated to inspiring a love of learning in young people. 

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