Sharing inspiration (and a three-toed sloth)

Just Give It a Go.jpg

As the end of term approached at Lasswade, we cracked open the juice boxes and laid out the hobnobs, ready to host our mentees, their parents, carers and teachers, after the school day wrapped up.

Often, the details of what mentees are actually working on, or how a LUL mentoring session works can be a bit of a mystery: we hold regular events like these, to give all a chance to ask questions. Parents and carers are able to meet the mentors, mentees find out other mentees have been focusing on, and can also display and chat about their work. Plus, hobnobs.

Lasswade were kind enough to host us in one of their Creative Learning classrooms, and we couldn’t resist collecting images of the rather appropriately inspiring decor….

….particularly apt, given that we were also polling folks on what words they felt embodied LUL’s vision and values, using a simple dot-voting system.

Look out for an upcoming gallery of the various creations and adventures our mentees have undertaken in the past year - from cars to cartoons, football to photography!

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