A lover of all things sports-related...

Daniel hopes to pursue a career coaching football. Over the course of his time with Light Up Learning, he has been surprised by his growing ability to research and write about what he’s most passionate about, particularly American sports. He says that during his sessions, he “usually writes a bit, and usually I hate writing, but I enjoy writing when I’m doing it with Light Up Learning.”

His work with Richard has helped him discover how to “break things down” and “learn in depth about new things.” Daniel has even reported an increased sense of self-confidence when it comes to carrying out coursework in Maths and English in consequence.

More than anything else, Daniel sees Richard as a type of friend, someone he can have a laugh with and learn with at the same time. For Daniel’s mum, she’s just “so grateful Daniel had this opportunity because he really enjoyed coming to sessions.” 

The reason is simple for Daniel: “It’s just a fun thing to do, it cheers me up, helps me learn at the same time. I really enjoy that a lot.”